Our Services

  • Strategy Development and Execution

    We help nonprofits identify a strategy for realizing their vision to achieve long-term and short-term goals. Services include needs assessment, strategic planning, program planning and/or design.

  • Program Management and Evaluation

    Our evaluation services help clients outline goals, milestones, and results based on real knowledge about what is likely to succeed, and create targets that will meet board, foundation and other stakeholder requirements. We can also conduct end-of-program evaluations to draw out lessons for future planning.

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

    We provide one-on-one coaching sessions on issues of leadership, development/fundraising, presentations and organizational development as leaders build the capacity to strengthen their organizations.

  • Governance and Board Development

    The Riven Company works with nonprofit executive staff and board members to increase their organization’s capacity to provide effective leadership. Services include board assessment, evaluations and board-staff relations.

  • Development and Fundraising

    We provide assessment of development and fundraising activities, development planning and identification of promising new sources of contributed income to realize short term and long term sustainability.

  • Capacity Building

    The Riven Company focuses on strengthening the core capacities necessary for an organization to function efficiently and effectively. Services include organizational assessments and strengthening core capacity. Stephanie Riven is certified to administer the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT), a 146-question online survey that measures a nonprofit organization’s effectiveness in relation to core capacities (adaptive, leadership, management, and technical and organizational culture). This tool also helps organizations identify their lifecycle stage and provides a real-time findings report, a prioritized capacity-building plan, and the technology to generate self-selected benchmark reports from a national database of 1000 + nonprofits. The CCAT is the most comprehensive, valid and reliable tool of its kind and has been used by thousands of funders and nonprofits as a planning, capacity-building, research, and evaluation resource.