With Time to Spare

  As I work with talented administrators across the country, I hear one familiar refrain over and over: “I don’t have TIME to add one more thing to my calendar—whether that is advocacy work on behalf of arts education or fundraising or […]

A Dozen Daily Habits of Mind for Building Arts Education Programs

The Daily Dozen Habits of Mind was written in response to questions about how COCA, the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis, Missouri was developed from its inception in 1987 with a budget of $80,000 to a nationally recognized […]

The State of the Arts: The Arts are in a State

The findings in the recent 2012 National Arts Index describing the state of the arts are profoundly disturbing. The Index reported a long list of measures that trend down for arts, music, and cultural organizations, among them: waning program budgets, […]

Educating for Entrepreneurial Arts Education Leadership

I recently spent a semester at Harvard as a visiting practitioner in the Arts in Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. While working directly with the Arts in Education Program, I was also able to audit classes at the […]

Life Lessons for Everyone in the Arts

Perhaps you have been following David Brooks’ series of op-eds in The New York Times. He asked people over 70 to send him “Life Reports” — essays about their own lives and what they’d done poorly and well. No need to wait until we turn […]

Arts Education Provides Another ‘Pathway to Prosperity’

One of the most compelling ideas related to workforce development is the report issued in February 2011 called Pathways to Prosperity by Robert Schwartz and Ron Ferguson of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The report points out that every year, one […]

We All Agree, But Are We Effective?

We, the arts community, agree that arts learning improves academic performance, increases lifelong learning skills and often helps students at risk of failure engage in school. We can point to the children. We can point to classrooms and to certain […]

Lessons from Harvard’s Arts in Education Program

I have just spent three months as a visiting practitioner at the Harvard Graduate School of Education/Arts in Education (AIE) Program. Steve Seidel, director of AIE, extended an invitation to me to study, teach, and serve as a resource for […]